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The effectiveness of a warehouse can be enhanced by making improvements to some of the processes and systems, ensuring that goods can be loaded and unloaded as quickly as possible. One such warehouse role that can be made more efficient is wrapping pallets and, for those that still rely on hand wrapping, pallet wrappers can provide significant improvements to a business.


Pallets are cumbersome items and if you need to wrap these by hand, it requires a great deal of twisting and bending to ensure that they are wrapped correctly. When a business installs a pallet wrapper to carry out the work, they will see improvements to their health and safety levels and employees will exert less energy, which will bring about improvements across the company and result in increased levels of productivity.

Cost efficiencies

Once you cover the initial cost of a pallet wrapper, it can actually help a company to save money on their packaging and shipping expenditure. The main area of saving is in the cost of the stretch film, as a wrapping machine is capable of pre-stretching to a far greater extent than someone can do by hand. Therefore, this will result in a fast return on your investment and ensure that the pallets are all wrapped quickly and effectively.


When you’re wrapping pallets by hand, it can be difficult to achieve consistency across the business and this can slow down the process, as employees aim for a quality wrap every time. The lack of consistency can also cause problems with goods being moved during transit, which results in them becoming damaged and a decrease in customer satisfaction. However, with the use of pallet wrappers you can ensure that every set is wrapped in the same way, with automatic settings, and eliminate any human errors.

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