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Have you ever wondered which is better: hand wrapping or using a pallet wrapper? Here are ten very good reasons why you should choose the latter.

Consistent standards

Everybody hand wraps differently, and no two loads are ever wrapped in quite the same way. Using a machine ensures consistency load after load, day in and day out.

Professional appearance

It’s virtually impossible to get a wrinkle-free finish when you hand wrap. When the pallet is delivered to your customer, you want your professional standards to speak for themselves.

Staff training

Get hand wrapping wrong and you could end up with goods shifting and getting damaged. Training staff to hand wrap is an expensive, ongoing process. Using a machine, on the other hand, takes little training, so you can train as many staff as you need.

Health and safety

Hand wrapping involves a lot of overhead stretching and awkward bending, all while keeping a heavy roll of wrap under constant tension. Back injuries are common. Eliminate the human factor with a machine.

Meeting strict standards

It’s a job that nobody wants to do, so eventually even the most assiduous employee will start to accept less than their best as tiredness sets in and tension becomes slack. Machines meet your standards every time and eliminate the need for human judgment.

Limiting damage

Maintaining the correct tension with every wrap to keep the pallet contents secure is assured when you wrap mechanically. Damage to your products is minimised.

Happy customers

Pallet wrapping may be the last thing you do before you send off the pallet, but it’s the first thing the customer notices, so your professional appearance is at stake. Retain integrity in your packing with machine wrapping.

Minimising waste

Around 20% of materials are damaged or wasted with hand wrapping and that costs you money. Machinery purchase is definitely an investment.

Cost saving

Hand wrappers can be extravagant with film. A machine uses a measurable amount, allowing you to project costs more effectively.


All of the above reasons are brought together in this final point. You can be assured of repeatability of standards, material usage, customer satisfaction and staff well being. Talk to Focus Pallet Wrappers as your first step towards achieving repeatable, high standards of wrapping.