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WPS Pallet

WPS Pallet

The WPS is the most simple machine in our range of pallet wrappers. The Witt provides this basic model yet with a range of features you would expect from a more expensive pallet. Thus, the turntable and film carriage of this basic model standard frequency controlled so that your goods can always be wrapped stable.

Where the WPS pallet is used?

WPS pallet is perfect for companies that wrap up to 12 pallets per day and meet the following criteria for this basic model:

  • Maximum pallet height up to 2250mm
  • maximum pallet weight up to 1500kg
  • up to pallet size (1200mm x 1000mm)
  • reasonably stable loading of the pallets
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Specifications WPS pallet


  • Disc diameter: 1500 mm, driven by chain
  • Maximum load: 1500 kg
  • Speed ​​adjustable: yes, adjustable
  • Exact position stop: no
  • Max. pallet dimensions: 1200 x 1000 mm

Film trailer

  • Standard wrapping height: 2250 mm
  • Automatic height detection: yes
  • Speed ​​adjustable: yes, adjustable
  • Film: 17 to 35 microns, standard machinerol
  • Brake: Yes, mechanical
  • Voorrekker: no


  • Automatic cut and fixed sealing: No
  • Remote control: no
  • Electrical connection: 230V / 1 ~ N / 50Hz / 1,12kW
  • Protection: IP54
  • Operating temperature: +5 to +45 ° C


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