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WP2 Slimline Pallet

WP2 Slimline Pallet

The WP2 Slimline pallet is easy to operate wrapping machine equipped with a 250% foil voorrekker that stabilizes your load easily with stretch film. The wrapper is efficient and cost effective with the stretch-that two rolling the foil stretching up to 250% of the normal length. This means that you 2.5 times as long as with a roll of foil can do with respect to an ordinary wrapping machine. The WP2 Slimline comes with a turntable Ø1500 mm. All engines at this winder controlled frequency and to ensure a smooth driving. A photocell automatically detects the load height to a maximum height of 2250mm. The operation is very simple and intuitive. Three wrapping programs adjustable on a control panel. Think smart, call the Witt and choose the Slimline.

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Technical Data WP2 Slimline Pallet


  • Disc diameter: 1500 mm, drive chain
  • Maximum load: 1500 kg
  • Speed ​​adjustable: Yes, adjustable
  • Exact position stop: yes
  • Max. pallet dimensions: 1200 mm x 1200 mmfilm


  • Standard wrapping height: 2250 mm
  • Automatic height detection: yes
  • Speed ​​adjustable: yes, adjustable
  • Film: 17 to 35 uM, standard machinerol
  • Voorrekker: yes, 250% pre-stretch


  • Automatic cut and fixed sealing: No
  • Remote control: no
  • Electrical connection: 230V / 1 ~ N / 50Hz / 1,12kW
  • Protection: IP54
  • Operating temperature: +5 to +45 ° C


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