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2300A Rotary Arm Pallet

2300A Rotary Arm Pallet

The 2300A rotary arm pallet of Witt has no limit regarding the loading capacity. The pallet is in fact simply placed on the floor. Another advantage is that the pallet is not running, thus less stable pallets can also be complicated. This pallet is delivered with a braked foil car wrapping foil or wrapping net. Optionally, a film carriage can be placed which stretches for your film by 250%. The machine is very robust.

Where this pallet wrapping machine is used?

This pallet is mainly used by companies:

  • have unstable pallets
  • pallets are weighing more than 2000kg.
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Specifications 2300A Rotary Arm Pallet


  • Arm diameter: 1800 mm, driven sprocket
  • Maximum Load: NA
  • Speed ​​adjustable: yes, adjustable
  • Exact position stop: yes
  • Max. pallet dimensions: 1200 mm x 1200 mm

Film Trailer

  • Standard wrapping height: 2400 mm
  • Automatic height detection: yes
  • Speed ​​adjustable: yes, adjustable
  • Film: 17 to 35 uM, standard machinerol
  • Brake: Yes, mechanical
  • Voorrekker: optional, 250% pre-stretch


  • Automatic cut and fixed sealing: No
  • Remote control: no
  • Electrical connection: 230V / 1 ~ N / 50Hz / 1,47kW
  • Protection: IP54
  • Operating temperature: +5 to +45 ° C


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